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Study Visa New Zealand

New Zealand overseas education consultants

Drawn to its beauty, New Zealand has been the major tourist attraction for its absolute stunning nature, and trust me it is worth every penny and leaves you amazing experiences you would love to cherish at every phase of life. However, New Zealand is more than just its physical features; the Maori culture, steep and fertile vineyards, uber-friendly people, and their finest educational system stand as some of the rarest things that make New Zealand the most visited country among the enthusiasts.
Precisely talking about higher education in New Zealand, it is extremely diverse and is considered one of the best in the world. Alongside this, the country assures plenty of academic and career opportunities to its students. You may evidence ten times more opportunities as much as other nations that are welcoming international students. The study in New Zealand has been attracting millions of students around the world.
The University of Auckland, the University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Canterbury, the University of Waikato, Lincoln University, Massey University Auckland University of Technology are top universities of New Zealand.
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Why study in New Zealand?

Studying abroad is all about research, agree? Well, if we’re investing a lot of money then every inch of your research makes a big deal. Diving straight into the subject, there are tons of reasons to attest to why studying in New Zealand can land you into thousands of career opportunities. Not only is the country safe and serene but makes it a perfect place for international students to live comfortably.
The Universities of New Zealand are not only nationally but internationally recognized. The universities offer a vast range of courses based on the research conducted. The quality and vocation-oriented characteristic of the educational system is attracting thousands of international students.
Besides, student life is one that must be experienced rather than spoken. Students from all over the world come to embrace cultural diversity and a paradise for the adventure freaks. You could travel places and experience the best of both city and countryside. Of course, the cost of education is a lot more affordable than most of the countries of northern hemisphere countries check out the next section to know about the tuition fee for different degrees. Most importantly, studying in New Zealand can elevate your career opportunities from a scale of 1-10. What more shall an international student want?

Fun facts

  • The country is equally surrounded by sea by more than 79 miles.

  • New Zealand has more animals than humans.

  • Sir Edmund Hillary was a Kiwi who was the first person to climb the Mt. Everest Ever!.

  • Way back in 2013, the government of New Zealand legalized Homosexual marriage.

  • The country was twice voted the world’s best country by Wanderlust magazine.

Cost & Accommodation of studying in New Zealand

In the world where international education started creating a platform to explore a better sense of knowledge, studying abroad has become more of a problematic necessity than a tool that embeds consciousness. Such incidents instigate the value of money or education investment. Money plays an important role while studying abroad which is why education experts are so in demand helping students plan and allocate budget.

Tuition fee

The education, being the primary expense occupies most of your budget plan. New Zealand, putting up with its quality-oriented education standards set its tuition fee. The tuition depends on the type of course and university you opt. Humanities and arts are pretty cheaper while courses related to medicine, engineering, and business.
Here’s approximate tuition fee estimation from the chronological degree level:
Undergraduate degree: $20,500 - $25,000 per year
Post-graduate degree: $19,000 - $29,000 per year
MBA: $31,000 - $50, 000 per year
PhD: $6,500 - $9,000 per year


Accommodation for international students in New Zealand is easily available at a quite affordable price tag. The taste and preference, state, city, your spending habits and lifestyle are some of the factors that influence your budget. Students may find different kinds of accommodation depending on his/her budget plan.
The on-campus residence is one of the best yet cost-effective ways that you need to apply separately. This may cost you anywhere between $270 per week which is a dirt-cheap option. If not campus residence, you may opt for shared apartments or even live in a homestay with a family (Paying guest). Shared apartments will cost you around $120.
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Application procedure

Since 1998-2020 there has been a rapid rise in the number of international students in New Zealand. The academic year 2018-2019 has been recorded 53,000 foreign students which are huge! If you ask, ‘won’t the universities get crowded?’ they do get crowded which is exactly why universities follow the ‘first come first serve technique’. Although applying for universities is the main task, your skills and educational career plays a pivotal role too. Many of the students are quite not aware of the university instructions and may end up somewhere else. To avoid such situations here’s what all you need to know before and while applying to the universities of New Zealand.

Required documents

  • Academic certificates/memos

  • LOR

  • SOP

  • Resume and portfolio

  • Essays (if asked by the University)

  • An English language proficiency qualification, preferably IELTS, GMAT, GRE

  • Certificates of non-academic activities

  • Income certificate

  • Passport size photos

  • A medical certificate

  • Work experience certificate if any

  • Insurance certificate

  • Course-specific questionnaire (if asked)

Application procedure

  • Choose the university: There are hundreds of universities where you can choose depending on the course you would want to study.

  • Narrow down the universities: If you have chosen 5 universities, narrow them down to 2-3 based on your budget, the campus’s quality, ranking, course structure, course fee.

  • Reevaluate your documents: It’s always a good idea to put all your documents in place. The university timings differ and we don’t want those last-minute panic-attacks

  • Start applying: Now that we have all the things we need, go to the university’s page, download the PDF format and you may edit to fill in your details. Most universities these days enable students to fill an online application which is the most convenient way.

  • Pay for the application

  • Keep researching on your course till you receive a Letter of Confirmation (LoC) also known as the Letter of Enrolment from the applied university. You may apply for more than one university if you wish to.

  • If you receive the LoC/LoE, you may begin your visa process.


Always remember that there are hundreds of students competing for your seat at your dream university. Make sure to push yourself to be the first preferred candidate amongst others. Your LOR and SOP are the best sources that let your university know you. Also, make sure you coordinate with the desired universities to know any information.
Want to escape from the complex application process? Choose the best New Zealand education consultant to make your job easier.

Visa procedure

There has been a big rush every year to begin a new phase in the land of the white cloud. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be part of the prestigious universities of New Zealand?
My friend, get ready to face an unexpectedly grand competition at the immigration office. Nevertheless, they say you can easily obtain your student visa if you have your documents are properly faced. The visa procedure may take 8-12 weeks on average. New Zealand has been practicing very transparent and open student visa policies for quite a long time now. So, the visa application process shouldn’t bother you. Here is all you need to know about the visa procedure to study in New Zealand.

Required documents

The name of the program you are going to study abroad

  • Details of the university you had applied for

  • The requirement to hold acceptable funds

  • An offer letter(LOC/LOE) that your desired university had sent

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Income certificate

  • Health insurance certificate

  • Character certificate (If asked)

  • Educational certificates

  • Certificates of IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT

  • An updated passport

  • Duly-filled application

  • A declaration statement

  • Letter of intent/SOP

  • Demand draft for visa fees

Visa procedure

  • Go visit the nearest New Zealand Embassy office

  • Ask for a student visa application

  • Fill in the details

  • Attach your required documents (If not, you may simply apply it online)

  • Schedule a visa interview

  • Attend and get through the interview process

  • You will then receive confirmation

  • Plan your journey!

Have complications in placing your documents to study abroad? An expert abroad educational consultant may help you out!​

Employment opportunities

New Zealand practices free-market trade that is highly developed. Interestingly, about 4% of New Zealand’s population is Indians contributing to the workforce of the country. The employment opportunities in New Zealand are relatively available to everybody who wishes to work. The international students similarly are splattered with many work opportunities during the academic course and after graduation as well. Working abroad at any level can be quite beneficial as it not only helps you sort money, give you amazing work experience with people in there but also adds so much charm to your career outlook. Here’s how you may find employment opportunities in New Zealand.​


Luckily, the country’s embassy allocates a 20-hours work time per week that gives a wonderful opportunity for students to enhance their work experience and to earn pocket money while not disturbing the academic schedule. You may find job vacancies placed anywhere on your campus; the notice boards, your lecturers and your friends' circle are excellent sources to find jobs.


For students who wish to reside within the country on completion, of course, New Zealand welcomes you with open arms. However, students need to apply for a work permit visa since they’re utilizing the country’s resources while working for their companies and that you need to pay taxes. The campus’s placement cell or simply surfing the internet can show a path towards your employment phase.

Being the best consultancy for immigration to New Zealand in Hyderabad, we have been assisting many Indian students in obtaining employment opportunities in New Zealand.

Why choose Westernflyoverseas?

Westernflyoverseas services are Hyderabad’s top overseas education consultants that have been assisting study-enthusiasts to achieve their career goals. New Zealand’s universities have been in the limelight for centuries and had set international standards in terms of education, science and technology, and many other spheres over the past years. This has turned New Zealand into a global hotspot of international students. At Westernflyoverseas, our experienced and skilled New Zealand consultants in Hyderabad aid you in the most efficient way to see you accomplish your dream career. Here is a list of perks that we provide, keeping in mind the huge competition.

  • Our consultants sharpen your profile and make it presentable

  • We will advise you on selecting your career, suggesting all the best universities suiting your career objectives and disclosing the eligibility criteria

  • Our dedicated consultants help you with the application and visa procedure

  • Conduct a one on one student training program that provides all the relevant information about your education abroad

  • We all know how complex and time-taking the visa procedure can get without proper guidance. We also conduct demo visa-interview sessions that build your confidence

  • Our experts will give you pre-departure guidance; air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation, bank account, new sim-card, and other travel-related information. Want to study in New Zealand but lack proper career guidance? Consult the best New Zealand educational Consultants in Hyderabad, today!

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