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USA Immigration

US Immigration Visa Services

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), encourages and inspires immigrants to shift to the nation via their simple immigration policies. Whether an aspirant is a skilled worker, an enterprising overseas businessman, a student keen to pursue studies in the country or for that matter, a persecuted individual wanting to get asylum, they are sure to find a visa category suiting their specific immigration needs.


US Immigration Process is Easy. You just need to

  • Apply and pay for US Visa Application online

  • Send your documents required for US Visa

  • Get your US Immigration Visa


What you need to know about the US Visa

  • To apply for US Visa, you need to fill a form under the expert guidance of an Immigration expert.

  • Post your Visa Application submission, an US Visa appointment will be scheduled as per your convenience with the consulate.

  • On the day of your Visa Appointment, ensure that you carry along original documents required for US Visa for biometric submission.

  • After the approval from the consulate, it takes at least 3 days of processing time.


Documents Required for US Visa

  • Original and previous passports

  • Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of visa submission, with at least three blank pages.

  • Two pages of first and last page of the passport

  • Duly filled US Visa Application form

  • 2 latest passport size photographs against a white background - size 50 mm x 50 mm and 80% face close-up.

  • A Cover Letter comprising of details of travel, details of the traveler, purpose of visit and duration of stay along with being signed by authorized signatory with company stamp and addressed to the Consulate General of the United States of America, Mumbai.

  • If the potential applicant has a sponsor, they must be in possession of the following documents”

  1. Letter of Invitation

  2. Declaration of Support stated in the Sponsorship letter

  3. Your sponsor’s financial documents

  4. A Green Card or a valid visa of the USA inviter acting as Proof of Residency.


Given below are a list of US Visa Types and permit programs that are relevant and open for the overseas investors, business individuals, and trained manpower:

  • US B1 Permits and B2 Permits

  • US H1B, H2B, H3, H4 Permits

  • US L1 Permit or Intra-company Transfer

  • US E Permit

  • US J Permit

  • US Green Card

USA Immigration is wide open to the deserving aspirants from across the world even as Washington DC proffers an array of attractive business and employment opportunities to them.
Among the key contributors of migrants to the US, India Mexico, the Philippines and China lead the chart even as the US provides over 60 types of non-permanent (non-immigrants) permit schemes. The US is regarded as the most preferred immigration destination from the perspective of quality life, business, and job opportunities.



The United States of America (USA) is, perhaps, the most renowned immigration destination in the world, rightfully so. A federal republic comprising of 50 states and 1 federal district, the US is the ‘Land of Endless Promises’ and the ‘Place Where the Sun Never Sets’.

Immigration to the US has been the main reason behind its population growth, cultural diversity, and economic growth throughout the nation’s long but impressive history. Migrants to the country arrive from practically every corner of the world.


US Economy

The US is regarded as the most influential global economy even as its currency is regarded as the global currency. The national economy has a crucial role and influence on the global economy.

Industrialization, manufacturing, and service sectors are the chief contributors to the national economy. The overseas investors and/or business immigrants find themselves in a positive situation with the US as their Investment destination.


US Employment and Working Opportunities

The nation offers impressive job opportunities and the best of the working conditions, besides competitive salaries to those who are skilled and keen to benefit from the nation’s pro-migrant visa and immigration policies.

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