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Australia Immigration

Why Immigrate To Australia?

Immigrants from across the world want to immigrate to Australia because of the opportunities in Australia. It is the immigration leader among all the prominent developed countries we have today in the world. Australia is not only an economic miracle but also a demographic miracle too.

Australia is the land of wonderful sea-beaches, sunshine, blue skies, endless economic growth, spellbound wildlife, and destinations. Being one of the wealthiest Asia Pacific Nations with a wide economic expansion in the last few years, Australia has become a choice for many professionals. Australia is even called the "land of opportunities for the migrants."


Who Is Eligible?

The potential immigrants who want to migrate to Australia must have a minimum score of 65 points with their occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). These two lists contain the In-Demand Occupations. The State and the Central Government do complete research on a regular basis on the aspects of jobs vs. professionals available and announces the lists accordingly. The above lists tend to change periodically, and we advise you to move ahead ASAP if your Skill is listed.


Australia Immigration Information

You need to know the primary visa requirements before you present a petition for Australia Immigration. Australia offers more than 100 permit sub-streams that are categorized as provisional, temporary, and permanent to all types of aspirants. The type of visa which is ideal for you depends on various circumstances. Here are the details of the visas that we provide:

Skilled Workers

You are eligible for Skilled Migration to Australia if you work as a manager, tradesperson, or as a professional.

International Students

If you are an international student and want to stay in Australia after your education, then there are several temporary and permanent visa options available for you.

Corporate Immigration Solutions

This visa option is for the HR professionals and business owners who wish to sponsor employees to work in Australia.

Business Migration Visas

If you want to invest or want to start a new business in Australia, then this option is suitable for you. You can eventually apply for Australia PR once your business is established in Australia.

Family Migration Visas

If you have a family member or spouse to sponsor to live in Australia, then you can apply for this type of visa.


How to apply for Australia Immigration?

All skilled migration procedures administered and run by Skill Select (an innovative online facility in Australia that improves and facilitates the procedure of Australia Immigration). It has provided Australia with a successful tool to watch the skills inflow given in the SOL and CSOL, the Skilled Professions Tabulations.

You need to acquire the following preliminaries before generating your EOI profile:

  1. Explore CSOL or SOL: To discover your trade closely associated or exactly comparable to your specific line of work.

  2. Credentials Evaluation: After the choice of trade, you should get your academic and professional credentials from a certified evaluation bureau, to determine the strength of your skilled profile.

  3. Language Requirements: You have to evaluate your linguistic skills as per Australian standards, through the IELTS exam (English Eligibility Test).


The preliminaries mentioned above should be concluded in advance for the below two specific reasons:

  1. During the Expression of Interest (EOI) profile formation, you should present these preliminaries. Your profile will be given marks on the points-assessment basis. This is a crucial step in case you opt for the independent migration where only the highest-profile gets the preference.

  2. You will get 60 days to conclude the requirements, once your EOI is chosen. You can generate your profile post completing the requirements.

  3. You can select for the migration passage (Independent migration, skilled migration, Business migration, employer sponsorship, Investment, and Provincial endorsement) at the time of generating your EOI profile.


Your EOI is stored for two years and can be updated as and when needed. If your profile is chosen, you need to furnish bona fide information as to its vital part of your submission. You can be subjected to some serious consequences, in case something is found faulty against your originally provided details. You could even be restricted to move to Australia in such cases.

If you choose:

  1. Point Scheme: Your profile gets the rank, and you will get the invitation based on the ranks considered at the stated time.

  2. Sponsorship (Employer or State): Your profile will be visible to recruiters/firms that you have chosen for in your EOI. You receive the invitations based on the judgment provided by those firms/employers.


If you get shortlisted, you will be asked to present a submission within 60 days. The offer of submission is withdrawn in case you are not able to submit in the specified time.


General Skilled Migration (GSM)

The aim of the Skilled Migration Program is to attract highly skilled employable immigrants for Australia Immigration. It's the common form of migration to Australia and is our core area. There are several types of Skilled Migration visas. Here are the General Skilled Migration subclasses.

General Skilled Migration (GSM)

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