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Business Visa UK

UK TIER 1 entrepreneur visa

Thanks to Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, you can now take over or set up the running business around the United Kingdom, but you would have to take up residence with your family. This visa lets you reside in the United Kingdom along with your family for a duration of 3 years 4 months and 2 years of the extension. After completion of 5 years in the UK, you can apply for permanent settlement. Other similar benefits for you and your family are free medical care through the NHS and free public schooling.


Eligibility for UK TIER 1 entrepreneur visa

  1. Must have £ 200,000 which can either be your funds or from the third party for business purposes. Another solution is that you can come under the entrepreneurial team with each member of a team which consists of two members and investing £ 100,000.

  2. The funds should be held in a regulated institution.

  3. Those funds are easily transferable to the UK for business investment.

  4. You should clear an English language test from UKVI which is equivalent to the B1 level, i.e. four in each band which includes writing, reading, listening, and speaking. English language equivalency for a reputed bachelor's degree or UK NARIC assessment for qualification also serves the purpose.

  5. You should have access to the required maintenance funds.


Benefits of UK TIER 1 entrepreneur visa

  1. Small investment amount

  2. Reside in the UK with your family

  3. You can apply for permanent residency within five years

  4. Your children are eligible for free primary and secondary school education in the United Kingdom

  5. You and your family are eligible for free healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS)

  6. You can manage your business in the UK

  7. Simple and instant processing

  8. Thorough knowledge of our experts in this process


Extension applications

For the prolonged stay in the UK as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), an Applicant must demonstrate:

  1. Grant of permission to stay in the UK or registration as Director within six months from the date of entry

  2. Minimum of 2 full-time jobs created in the period of leave in which each lasts for at least 12 months

  3. £ 200,000 was invested in one or more than one business in the United Kingdom.


UK sole representative visa program details

An overseas company who want to establish their commercial presence in the UK can send a senior employee as a Sole Representative through this visa category.

Commercial presence can be a wholly-owned subsidiary with an identical type of business activity as a parent company or a registered branch. It is important to note that the parent company should have no other representative, subsidiary, or branch in the UK. This visa lets you stay in the UK along with your family for three years with two years of the extension. After completion of 5 years in the UK through the sole representative visa category, you might get permission to reside in the UK permanently.


Eligibility for UK sole representative visa

  1. Should be employed by a non-UK based company and recruited as a senior employee

  2. The parent company should be located outside of the UK

  3. Have the intention to work full-time in the UK for the current employer

  4. Should be a senior employee in an overseas business

  5. Have complete power to take operational decisions for a business

  6. You should clear an English language test from UKVI equivalent to B1 level or English Language Equivalency for a recognized Bachelor's degree and a UK NARIC assessment for qualification


How We Can Assist

  1. Prepare a business plan

  2. Help you to gear up for an interview

  3. Evaluate your profile and provide the perfect solution

  4. Gather relevant documents, Immigration documents checklist and help to fill the application forms

  5. Submit the applications to the relevant authority

  6. Interact with the appropriate authority until a decision is made

  7. Challenge decisions through appeal processes or Administrative Review

Mail your resume and if applicable, spousal resume to for a free of charge assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line inquiry form to submit your profile with Westernflyoverseas

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